Big news from Dublab headquarters. Psych-folk singer Linda Perhacs, whose unsung 1970 classic, Parallelograms, was reissued last year, will perform music from the album for the first time ever at Redcat at the beginning of October. Perhacs, who is now a dental hygienist, has been popping up at miscellaneous Dublab events from time to time, wowing a new generation of freaky folkies looking for inspiration. The evening, co-presented by Draw-Pictures, will be part of the Dublab collective's 10th anniversary celebration, which is slated to run from October 1 through October 10 at various venues around town.

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Dublab press release:


A multimedia presentation – Thought Forms and Parallelograms is a celebration of the seminal folk rock explorations of Linda Perhacs. The LA Weekly recently dubbed Perhacs' legendary 1970 album, Parallelograms; “…one of the most mystifying and beautiful moments of the psychedelic era, on par with any outré work of the time.”

Participating artists will be presenting work in a variety of mediums (visual art, film, dance and musical performance), with the unifying aesthetic of the show defined by Perhacs' inspirational music and spirit. This evening of creative exploration will highlight both the incredible Parallelograms album and the book that inspired it – turn of the century Theosophist manifesto, Thought Forms (first published in 1901 by Annie Besant). Perhacs' songs, as well as the science and philosophies of this incredible century-old tome, will provide the backdrop for an array of experimental film and projected original artwork as well as live musical and dance interpretations of Perhacs' work by a variety of contemporary artists.

Perhacs herself will be on hand to discuss the history and relevance of this publication and to perform several songs from her unforgettable album. This historic happening will be Linda's first ever live, public performance!

* This concert is part of dublab's 10th anniversary celebration series happening in creative venues throughout Los Angeles from October 1st through 10th.

$30 Tickets available soon through https://redcat.org

LA Weekly