Superstitious types might opt to stay home this Friday and go out Saturday or Sunday instead, but we consider the night pretty lucky when it comes to club revelry in LA. Putting aside any friggatriskaidekaphobia (the actual name for fear of Friday the 13th) is a must if you like house or industrial music, at least. More mainstream clubs probably are to be avoided, if only for the very likely chance of hearing Rebecca Black's horrendous “Friday” on the floor (fun, fun, fun… even the remixes are NOT).

New locales will be revealed for pre-existing parties this week, one for the 18+ set on Fri., and the other, a popular underground presenting its hedonistic haps to the masses at a more high profile location on Sat.

In all, a wicked fun weekend awaits.

Friday, May 13th

When The Ruby closed its doors a few months ago, its popular under-age clubs there scattered around Hollywood, but the Evil Empire Club Empire's Perversion and Clockwork Orange are still trying to find the right home, it seems. Perversion, which moved to Saturdays returns to Thursday night (if you're reading this on 5/12, check out its debut at Vertigo's downtown this evening, otherwise next week), while Clockwork Orange leaves its short-lived home at Dragonfly (which was over 21) so it can once again cater to the not-yet-legal club kiddies at an unexpected locale: Joseph's. Though it's in the heart of the Holly-hood, we're guessing much of the Evil crowd have probably never even heard of the space. We haven't seen a happenin' hipster party there in years, so this move is intriguing. Fitting night to bring the club back from the dead, anyway. 1775 Ivar St., Hlwyd. Info. at

Some of the black-clad bashers that go to ECE's events overlap with those at Das Bunker, but the industrial club is definitely more bountiful when it comes to bondage-clad ghouls and noise freaks. This Friday, they should be out in full regalia as the club welcomes “the king of Horror-Industrial,” Jasyn Bangert of God Module as DJ. God Mod, as they're referred to for short, are also labeled “murder wave” and “black electro,” but whatever you want to call it, expect Bangert to play music suited to both dancing and destroying, and most definitely both at the same time. At Catch One, 4067 W. Pico Blvd. Info. at

Less aggressive but no less potent, Chicago house will envelop the big room at Departure, which presents the legendary Derrick Carter on the decks. He may be one of electronic music's less grandiose groove-busters, but over the years, Carter's skill has come to speak for itself and then some. Buoyant and bass heavy, Carter's beats are guaranteed to keep the room banging. Also with Hawt DJs Mikey Velasquez and Left Minded (aka Neil G & Luke Alan). At Vanguard, 6021 Hollywood Blvd. Info. at or

Saturday, May 14th

Vanguard may never recover from the double whammy going down this weekend. Saturday, Studio 69, previously a members only shindig, debuts its new monthly at the mega-space, themed “Warriors & Goddesses” for May. Created by dancer/designer/scenester (and scene-stealer) Perish Dignam, here's what's planned: post apocalyptic props and décor, body painting, warrior & goddess fashion exhibits & shows, vendors, fire shows, aerial shows, stilt-walkers, belly-dancing, live erotic painting, a naughty torture game area, Mad Max-themed art cars and host of DJs including (Nitgrit spinning dub-step and DJ Mea from Lords of Acid, to name a few), plus dancers and other hedonistic delights. Dress to transgress and dance like it's dooms day for a chance to be chosen as one of Studio 69's Electric Daisy Carnival dancers heading to Vegas or for a chance to win tickets to Burning Man. At Vanguard, 6021 Hollywood Blvd. Info at

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