Lina in L.A. – Mick Rock’s "Shooting For Stardust" David Bowie Opening Bash at Taschen Gallery

All that glittered also glistened Wednesday night when rock and roll photog extraordinaire Mick Rock unveiled “Shooting For Stardust- The Rise of David Bowie & Co.,” his new mega-sized tome for Taschen chronicling the iconic music force known as Ziggy on and off stage in the 70’s. Hot tramps (really, really hot: it was sweltering in the gallery!), young dudes, old kooks, and pretty (sweaty) things packed the party all night, angling for selfies with Rock and checking out his most famous glam-era shots in the gallery and in the massive book which was on display and available for flipping through. See some never-before-seen images from Shooting Stardust’s pages here, and check out the exhibit now through Oct. 11. Oh and bring a camera… taking the momental book home will set you back about 700 (wham-bam-thank-you) clams.

LA Weekly