Oaxaca singer Lila Downs has canceled her Thursday night performance at Santa Monica Pier. In her place will be the Lowrider Band. Last week we profiled Downs, and were greatly looking forward to her show. Here's the announcement:

August 23rd, 2009

It is with much regret that we announce Lila Downs must cancel her August 2009 scheduled performances. Ms. Downs suffered an acute appendicitis on August 22nd and underwent emergency surgery in the early morning of the 23rd.

Ms. Downs is doing well after a successful appendectomy, but the medical diagnosis and treatment prohibits her from performing until she is completely healed.

Ms. Downs was looking forward to performing at such wonderful venues and festivals, and is disappointed that she's not able to be there.

For those people wanting to send get well wishes, please send to:

Lila Downs

P.O. Box 332

New York, NY 10002

A personal note from Lila Downs after the jump:

A personal note from Lila:

Me encuentro un poco hinchada y somnolienta pero fuerte como un aguila despues de me echaron cuchillo en esta mañana de agosto. A causa de esta operación tuvimos que cancelar una gira importante para nosotros aquí en los Estados Unidos. Ya salí con bien gracias a Dios de esta apendicitis.

I am a little swollen and sleepy but strong and thankful for a successful operation of appendicitis here in New York. Unfortunately for this reason we needed to cancel our concerts this week in the U.S., but soon enough we'll be out there doin' our thing. Thanks, Lila

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