If you love Lil B, this is why.

Skimming our Twitter feed, one of the Based God's posts caught our eye: “Lil B 'IM GAY' BUY NOW ON ITUNES ONLY! HISTORICAL PROJECT.” Wait, when did this happen?

The Bay Area rapper shook up the blogosphere like a snow globe when he announced at Coachella in April that the title of his next album would be I'm Gay. Other rappers ridiculed him, but the situation got more serious when he began receiving death threats (and that situation got him an interview with CNN.com). So why wasn't this trending today?

Well, turns out, rap's freest spirit just dropped it a few hours ago with no fanfare other than this Tweet:

He's always been a man of his people; why not let the disciples know before the masses?

Buy the album here.

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