LightSkinKeisha is a Queen: “Pop Sh*t Queen” is the new single, and video, from Georgia rapper LightSkinKeisha, and she’s really going for it on this one.

“Fuck do you mean all of these b*tches learned that sh*t from me, Used to be popping that shit in my Hyundai, Now I’m livin’ a broke bitch dream, Peons be jealous these peons be fake,” she raps with the subtlety of a brick.

According to the press release: “Above all, ‘Pop Sh*t Queen’ knows just what it is: an unapologetically Southern hip-hop anthem. Keisha swirls over a beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on a latter day Three 6 hit or during T.I.’s Trap Muzik era. It both pays tribute to her city of Atlanta and reaches beyond into something universal to her region. Referencing Master P and Kendrick in the same breath, she leaves no stone unturned, after all, as she makes damn clear, there’s no level she sees as out of reach.”

It’s certainly unapologetic, and the video slams the message home too. LSK is sat in or on a car, surrounded by purses, bling and photographers, spitting her rhymes full force.

“The video finds her without the slightest concern, tossing around designer bags with the nonchalance of a proper queen,” they say. “Between drinks with her besties and exuding enough sexy imagery to fill a theater, she’s completely dismissive of anything or anyone in her way – just as she should be, given the level of energy and dominance on display.”

LightSkinKeisha is a Queen: LightSkinKeisha’s “Pop Sh*t Queen” is out now.


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