Coi Leray has Anxiety: Plantinum-selling rapper and singer Coi Leray has released a stunning new single called “Anxiety.

“Yeah, I still got anxiety, that’s why I keep it on me, Sometimes I feel like, can’t trust no one around me, There’s another side of me but I don’t even show it, ‘Cause I got way too many people eating off me,” she sings as the song opens. It feels like a cry for help, as she sings of the pressures she’s feeling just as her career is getting going. That’s hammered home when she sings, “Been getting high to kill the pain, Wish I could make it go away.”

Oooph! With a debut album due out soon, we can only hope that the people around her are listening to her.

Back in 2019, she talked to us about getting signed to Republic: “Me and my team have been going hard and grinding. Just been applying pressure. It happened so fast, within literally less than nine months. I dropped out of high school at 16 and started working. I started doing sales. From there, I ended up getting my own apartment. I grew up pretty fast. I had some regular responsibilities like adults would have, that I had to take care of. Then it got to a point at my last job, I did not want to work anymore. I quit it and wrote ‘Goofy Ass N*ggas.’  That was my first song and we put it on SoundCloud.”

Coi Leray has Anxiety: The “Anxiety” single is out now.


LA Weekly