In artist James Turrell's pieces that he calls Sky Spaces or Ganzfelds, you enter pristine, expensively constructed structures and stare into windows of neon, fluorescent or even natural light that entirely skew your depth perception. But Turrell would never build into a claustrophobic, unassuming Chinatown storefront, where seams in walls are obvious and you can tell where the light comes from. David Abir did for “Renew,” his show at Actual Size. He also digitally manipulated mash-ups of Brahms and Persian classical music to imbue the space with a hodgepodge but wholly sincere spirituality. 741 New High St., Chinatown; through March 17. (213) 290-5458,

Saturdays, Sundays. Starts: Feb. 11. Continues through March 17, 2012

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