Life Coach Deena McKinley Guides on How to Break Free from the Everyday Grind and Burnouts

Burnout is a word that has become all too common, especially in women, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. The pressure to excel in both the professional and personal spheres often leads to overwhelming stress, ultimately resulting in burnout. The common warning signs that individuals should watch out for would be difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, social withdrawal, and constant self-doubt. These symptoms often manifest as a result of prolonged stress and escalate if left unaddressed. Deena McKinley, a former high school teacher turned corporate executive, now certified life coach, knows this struggle all too well. Her journey from the depths of burnout to a fulfilling life offers valuable insights into recognizing the signs and finding solutions.

For many women, the societal expectation to excel in every aspect of life creates a relentless cycle of stress and guilt. Deena’s own experience reflects this reality. As a former teacher turned marketing executive, Deena found herself entrenched in a relentless cycle of work and obligation. Despite external success and societal expectations, she reached a breaking point, realizing that her pursuit of professional achievement came at the cost of her own well-being. The signs were there, subtle at first but gradually becoming undeniable. Deena recounts the sleepless nights, the mornings filled with dread, and the constant feeling of being overwhelmed. She says, “I felt inadequate both at work and as a mother, despite my husband’s support in managing household responsibilities.”

The turning point in Deena’s journey came when she realized that her pursuit of success had come at the expense of her own well-being and happiness. Supported by her husband, she made the courageous decision to quit her job, sell the house, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with her family in an RV. This radical departure from ‘societal norms’ allowed Deena to reassess her priorities and chart a new path toward personal fulfillment. As Deena herself acknowledges, the path to fulfillment looks different for everyone. While her journey involved radical changes, including embracing a nomadic lifestyle and pursuing a new career path, she acknowledges that not everyone may be ready or even need to take such bold steps.

Deena’s message is clear: burnout is not inevitable, and it is possible to find balance and purpose in life. “When I finally had the space to think and understand what I really wanted to do with my life, I had the Aha! Moment, and I thought to myself – wouldn’t it be amazing if more people figured this out earlier than I did, after 25 years of working and ignoring the signs of impending burnout? They don’t have to just be miserable their whole lives. And that’s when I decided, I wanted to help people before they burnt out like I did. And help them find their purpose and passion and become the best version of themselves that they could be,” she shares.

Inspired by her own transformative experience, Deena pursued certification as a life coach with a mission to empower others to find purpose and fulfillment in their lives and founded her life coach business. As Deena eloquently puts it, “Success doesn’t have to come with pain. You need to find your why and create boundaries that honor your well-being and happiness.” Through her coaching practice, Deena aims to support individuals in navigating the challenges of burnout, reclaiming their sense of identity, and creating meaningful change.

Deena has designed this one-on-one coaching spanning 12 weeks, one hour a week. Utilizing tools like worksheets, she brings her 25 years of both teaching and corporate experience within the coaching program. “I love teaching and helping people. And well, I have all of this experience as a mentor and team leader that I feel needs to be leveraged and chartered in the right direction.”

Her approach emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and cultivating a positive mindset. In addition to her coaching practice, she leverages social media platforms like TikTok to share daily tips and insights on happiness and well-being. By providing accessible and actionable advice, Deena seeks to reach a broader audience and inspire positive change on a global scale.

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