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Having read Dwayne Booth, a.k.a. Mr. Fish’s, article I feel compelled to give another perspective on Dennis Kucinich.

I was first introduced to Dennis on May 25, 2004, when my husband was hired to play an after party for him in Santa Cruz. Prior to that day I had never voted or been politically active in any way. Hearing Dennis speak that first time was a life changing experience. Through his honest and clear strategies I glimpsed the potential of a government truly of and for the people.

As musicians, my husband and I became closely involved with his first presidential campaign and eventually had the honor of traveling with him extensively performing as his opening act. Time and time again I was moved by people’s responses to his eloquently stated vision backed by solid facts, figures and strategies.

Although I am not altogether clear on his perspective, I would like to thank Mr. Fish for covering Dennis. I would also like to encourage his readers to do their own research.

For information about Dennis Kucinich’s Presidential Campaign please visit www.dennis4president.com.

Moriah Whoolilurie


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I enjoy “Indigenous Indignation” as humorously described by Dwane Booth “Mr. Fish”. What a clever writer with a surprising twist at every turn, and reality recognizable in all his descriptions. A great story revealing of what is not-PC about not only the Tongva but other native forces. Dis-covering such details makes “buying” the LA WEEKLY worth while. More articles by this sharp fellow please !

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Regarding the article by Gendy Alimurung titled “Hollywood Schmoozer Meets Internet Geek” [Nov. 16–22]: What is a ‘Berkeley suburb’? Berkeley is a medium-sized California city and college town at least as old as the larger cities in its region, in the East Bay conurbation that is marginally, a suburb of, respectively, Oakland, and San Francisco. In general, it’s too small to have suburbs of its own, and, because of its position within a larger metropolis, wouldn’t be considered a suburb either. The word suburb has a slightly different connotation in Britain, and technically, an outlying, unincorporated neighborhood of a very large city, i.e. North Hollywood, Forest Hills, etc. can be called a suburb, under dictionary definitions – but this is poor and, slightly inaccurate use of the term, as it is generally used today. If the author means a town abutting Berkeley, such as El Cerrito, Kensington, etc. – these are East Bay towns, that while not having the cache of Berkeley, don’t need a Berkeley reference to be placed in a larger context, and in any case are not suburbs of Berkel ey. They’re towns in the regional conurbation, megalopolis known as ‘The Bay Area.’ Thank you.

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DCFS Corruption – Where’s the objectivity and accuracy in journalism? (Or, is it just running with a hot headline to stir readership and sales?) I have personally worked alongside a number of children’s services workers who spend from their own pockets on a regular basis, taking a child out for a treat at almost every visit, not excluding their birthdays, not trinket-giving, and not requesting reimbursement. I have personally handled gift cards, and made every effort to see that each of my kids got one during the holiday season—even if it had to be sent by mail–in addition to distributing other gifts received as donations by the department. The poor decision-making of a handful of DCFS employees, as flagrant and egregious as it was, does not discount the efforts of many dedicated workers (clerical to administrator) who make a positive difference in the life of every foster child. Before skinning the four identified individuals—alive–I would at least ask for full details as to how it got so blatantly out of hand. A number of DCFS employees are working hard to improve the department, bring positive changes to the community, and many statistics reflect good outcomes (e.g., less children and shorter terms in foster care). Please, try including a few more sources so that the reporting doesn’t appear so biased against DCFS, because on the whole the department does much for child safety and the community.

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Shari Albert writes that she loves gay men almost as much as her lapdog. Thanks. She should know that if a sinkhole could be vapid and self-absorbed, this gay man would love her almost as much as that.

Vilas Keith


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Good news for two L.A. Weekly contributors: A music essay by Matthew Duersten titled “The Arkivists” that ran April TK, 2006, in in L.A. Weekly made the “Other Notable Essays” list in the Da Capo Best Best Music Writing 2007 anthology.

Illustrator Erik Sandberg’s cover art for the DATE TK issue that accompanied a story about murder in Los Angeles won a silver medal in the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles’ Illustration West 46 contest. His work will be included in a show at Junc Gallery that will run March 29-April 8, 2008.

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