Let’s Delve into The Memory Lane with The Silvers’ Caricature Musical Videos

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“Music videos are like tools that young artists use to earn respect from their peers, to represent.”

 – Jamie Adenuga – British Songwriter and Record Producer

We all grew up listening to songs of different genres and enjoying their music videos. Some music videos are aesthetic, picturesque, and majestic, while others are bold and seductive. Music videos play an imperative role in the popularity and leverage of the musical piece. It helps in creating a memorable visual experience for the viewer and paves the path for an artist to articulate their emotions and thought process while creating the songs. Music videos enhance the likeability and impact of the songs and make them more enjoyable.

Music videos formulate a large part of an artist’s general creative vision and output, opening the world to new possibilities and allowing artists to see their music videos in incredible, sometimes unexpected, ways. While numerous videos have surfaced in the musical realm, caricature is one of them. Cute videos with attractive characters entice a vast range of audiences because everyone is used to liking cartoons and animations as a child; therefore, these endearing videos compel people to be lost in their own beautiful childhood memory lane. The Silvers have been creating melodious rock pop/rock songs with cartoony videos.

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The Silvers have featured cartoons and animated videos since the band’s establishment. This unique way to sell their music is absent in today’s contemporary music bands. The Silvers developed an alternate universe called Silvers Surf City, where fish and animals walked on land and talked. The videos also feature Black Bart, a pirate who is one of a trio of main villains in the show. Each episode has a dilemma, with The Silvers saving the day through the magic of music. The band has animated music videos for its songs and melodies firmly rooted in 1960s pop-rock. This series is also available on YouTube.

The Silvers are a California-based band founded by bassist, songwriter, and vocalist Mick Orton in 2012. It is a three-member band including Orton, Dain Bedford-Pugh, and Carl Upthegrove. The band went through some ups and downs as few members left the group but stood tall against all odds. The former members include Glenn Stone, Ricky Zero, Drew Youngs, and Steve Farac. Tom Kelley was the guitarist and one of the pioneers of The Silvers. He also left the band but still works as a songwriter.

The Silvers have many melodious and soulful songs in their kitty. From 2016 to 2023, the band created several musical pieces, including “Keep on Believing,” “Boogie Blue,” “Looking Back,” “Stay with Me (This is the Place),” “Stand Up,” “Out of This World,” “Gravity,” “All for Nothing,” “Christmas Rock,” “You Know You Had It Coming” and “I’m Dancing… Again.”

The band is also keenly invested in releasing albums besides singles. They released After the Laughter, End Of Summer EP, PLAY!, Another Summer EP, Soul Surrender, Summertime Sounds, RUSHMORE, Change Of Seasons, Back to Basics, Oceans, and Mosaic EP between the year 2016 to 2023.

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The Silvers is a recipient of many awards and recognitions. They were presented with the Best Rock Song Award by Akademia Music Awards for “Out of This World” in March 2022. In April 2022, The Silvers collected their Best Rock Album at Akademia Music Awards. They also Won the Best Rock Music Video by Akademia Music Awards in 2022. In October 2022, The Akademia Music Awards presented the Best Rock Song award to The Silvers for “You Know You Had It Coming.”

Known for hit singles like “You Know You Had It Coming” and “Reaching Out,” The Silvers have been creating melodic pop and rock music with a Liverpudlian influence for years. The Silvers were established as a virtual band with one member in Atlanta, two on opposite sides of Wisconsin, and one in California. But now it’s a three-piece band with two members in California and one in Tucson, AZ.

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