Growing up in L.A. and frequenting nightclubs, art shows and punk gigs, Danny Fuentes became a fan, follower and friend to purveyors of alternative fashion, which led to creating spaces for them in his own gallery and club events. In his Friday fashion feature, Fuentes shoots and spotlights the most creative creatures and colorfully caustic clothes whores in Los Angeles, beloved in the clubs and on Instagram.

Says Fuentes:
Los Angeles is a breeding ground for creativity, a place where an excess of events offers opportunities to dress up and soak up the culture seven nights a week if one desires. You can make the weekend last all seven days if you really want to, and make going out an extension of your livelihood. In L.A. less is more and more is always more interesting We live in a post–David Bowie universe, a generation of post-everything. In some way or another, everything has already been done. But there are those who pull from the past to help shape the future. Those who make it a mission to stand out, provoke, question norms and create dialogue just by stepping out in a public situation and forcing you to look in awe at the dazzling display of their sheer existence.

Behold this week's spotlight on personal style so wild, it's lethal.

Credit: Danny Fuentes

Credit: Danny Fuentes

Josh McVety/Mellow Code
Music Producer

DANNY FUENTES: What do you do?
I am an electronic music maker, DJ and performer. I have multiple music projects though I am also a visual artist specializing in sculptural costume making, blacksmithing and wood working.

What are you wearing?
A blazer I modified with rhinestones and a mink I was given when I was 7, gold baroque-style printed leggings, and a dress with polka dot collar.

What are you inspired by?
I am inspired by many bands ranging from Severed Heads and Depeche Mode to Mr. Flagio and Hercules and Love affair. My work visually and sonically is inspired by a need to explore the origins of what made civilization possible. I love to learn new and old techniques and apply them to make what comes naturally to me artistically. Both music and design are based on pleasing ratios but also must be felt out. I am inspired by what makes humans unique but also what connects us.

Your style icon?
I get my core sense of style from my grandparents. They used to have a clothing store in my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, named Satyrn. I still wear a red leather fringe jacket from their shop. They were very supportive of my love of fashion and styling myself. I have also been influenced by artists like Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, Billy Idol and Gary Numan.

Credit: Courtesy Josh McVety

Credit: Courtesy Josh McVety

Your most memorable nightlife look?
Miranda (Sharp Glitter) styled me for my band Exposure Therapy's album release show at the Pyramid Scheme back in Michigan — I had a pink lace shawl, pink floral corset, lipstick kiss print leggings, my own custom latex booty shorts with ruffle collar, light purple Doc Martins and floral alien makeup.

With lady Love Sharp Glitter.; Credit: Courtesy Josh McVety

With lady Love Sharp Glitter.; Credit: Courtesy Josh McVety

Trends you hate?
I really don’t like boring trendy brands like Supreme or Hollister. It's never made sense to me how people can want something so basic and expensive so badly. I grew up going to used clothing stores, yard sales, flea markets and making costumes with friends and family. It has always been apparent to me that large brands charge way too much for something you could find for way less and with more unique style. I get that not everyone can make their own clothes like I can, but there is no reason to buy a new polo shirt.

The last piece of clothing you purchased?
Bright red vinyl fabric with holographic crosses to make a top, a handmade studded leather mask from a vintage shop, matching red vinyl pants, and two large jawbones from a cow to make into a necklace.

Favorite clubs or things to do in L.A.?:
I've been spending a lot of time performing music and making friends at the Lash. It's been my place to feel the most at home in downtown LA. I also enjoy frequenting Monty Bar, Crawfords and Footsies.

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