It's a hard time for everyone, I know. But we have to get through this together.

The LA Weekly would like to open the comments section so you, the reader, can share your thoughts and remembrances on Roger Waters' and Pink Floyd's inflatable pig, dead, we're assuming, as a result of exploding.

The pig, in happier times, floating above the Hollywood Bowl

The Zapruder Film of Coachella 2008: last known image of The Pig before it blowed up.

But it's time to start asking some hard questions. In whose charge was the pig? Had Waters and his production team ever combined the inflatable pig with a big explosion before? Was the Coachella crowd in any danger? What if the fire had burned through the vinyl pig? Could it have exploded above the crowd, sending searing hot vinyl pig carcass onto the fans below??? WTF???

Any theories? Have you seen a Roger Waters or Pink Floyd show where they did both pig and fire simultaneously? How did it make you feel? Should there be an investigation? Or should we just be thankful that we lived in the same moment in history as the pig?

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