The porn scene: Girl and guy make out in the shower. Girl blows guy, guy flicks her clit a little with his finger. Then they start fucking and orgasms/pop-shots ensue.

The real-life scene: Girl and guy make out in the shower. Both are freezing because the warm water can't hit them both at the same time. Girl blows guy and can't see because the water pouring into her eyes blurs her contacts. Guy flicks her clit and then they start fucking, but the water pouring over them washes away much of her own wetness and the friction fucks it all up.

Sex in the shower (or pool, hot tub and shallow bodies of water) is hot, no doubt. But a little bit of thought beforehand can help rise that hotness factor.

1. Keep in mind that whenever the water's pouring on you, it's not pouring on your partner and he/she is probably cold and uncomfortable.

DISCLAIMER: This tip is for showers located in traditional home-like environments. If you're fucking in an outdoor shower in Fiji, temperature probably isn't an issue and I hate you for not inviting me.

2. Keep in mind where the water is spraying as you move around. If you want your gal to suck your cock, don't point in the direction of the waterfall. Do her a favor and block the stream with your back — she needs to be able to see what she's doing.

Same goes for gals who want their men to eat out in the shower. No one wants to kneel on the bottom of a bathtub. It's uncomfortable and, depending on the niceness of your shower, kinda gross. That's why they make bathtub mats that stay stationary with suction-cups — life becomes easier for us all!

3. Keep in mind the biggest issue with having sex in water: H2O tends to cancel out a woman's own natural lubricant, causing friction and, as a result, not-awesome sex — ESPECIALLY when condoms are involved.

That's why it's essential to have lube nearby, and not just any old water-based goo will do. Go with silicone, which tends to be thinner and silkier than its gloppy counterpart and stays that way in water.

Originally published on Ojoy.com.

Francesco Marino. 

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