You might be underwhelmed if we told you that tonight Dub Club at the Echoplex will feature a reggae one-hit-wonder from the late 1970s. But if we pointed out that the singer is Willi Williams and the one-hit is “Armagideon Time,” which he originally recorded in 1978 for Coxson Dodd's Studio One, well, then you know you should drop whatever plans you had for this Wednesday evening and head to Echo Park to witness a still-vibrant dub legend at work.

The original “Armagideon Time” is a monster track — anyone who has ever dropped it on a DJ set knows this. The song, of course, gained worldwide renown through the cover The Clash did in 1980 that was the stealth jewel on the B-side of their massive “London Calling” single. A few years later Sublime repurposed the bassline and a few of the lyrics for the romantic “Sweet Little Rosie,” a jam that instantly catapults one back to the weed-impregnated interior of a Toyota Tercel circa 1993.

[Willi's “Armagideon Time,” Sublime's “Swee Little Rosie” plus a sick — and we mean sick–live version of the The Clash's cover, after the jump.]

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