It's the team-up we've been waiting for. Not since Julia Roberts winked suggestively at Lyle Lovett…or since Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler began messaging each other on Facebook…or since Felix met Oscar and the Odd Couple was born…

But now:

Frankly, I'm *dying* for this twosome to make their way to reality television.

From the Lefsetz Letter, Bob Lefsetz on Perez Hilton:


Please separate the man from the site. We’ll get to Mario in a minute.

Perez has got all the gossip you want, as soon as it becomes available. He’s rarely scooped by Harvey Levin’s TMZ and there’s a personal attitude that makes the site attractive. All those doodlings might befuddle you, but you certainly believe he created them, no underling drew them.

Perez knows that you want to both adore and trash celebrities, believe and hate. He understands the culture of gossip. That’s it just not presentation, but pure entertainment for the reader, more fulfilling than the entertainment products those featured create.

As for his entry into the music business… You’re just jealous. He’s passionate about acts, he’s got an audience, he’s a tastemaker. Are he and his picks for the ages? Doubtful, but in the Internet world, it’s all about the here and now.

As for the shameless self-promotion… He gets away with it because he’s gay. As an inherent outcast, he’s fighting for all those without standing, he’s entitled to trumpet his cause.

Amazing he’s doing it right and no one else can do it as well. Could it be that unlike the others looking for a buck, he just likes gossip THAT MUCH?

And right back atcha from

Such An Honor!

2) The amazing critic Bob Lefsetz just wrote these even more amazing words about the Gossip Gangstar!

cut & paste in the verbiage from above, then…

Wow. Wow. Wow.

And thank you!

Yes, we love gossip THAT MUCH. This website is much much more than a job. It's our passion! It's a way that we're able to be creative, express ourselves and entertain millions of people worldwide every single day.

Thanks you Mister Lefsetz!

Who knew it might be possible to even dream of such a mutual admiration society. Indie 103.1, KCRW, whoever: get these folks on air for a tete-a-tete as soon as humanly possible. Or at least some logrolling.

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