Le Youth Makes Discoveries: L.A. producer Le Youth says that he’s been making music for as long as he can remember — before his current electronic incarnation he was in bands.

“When that started to fizzle out, I started making music as Le Youth,” he says. “In 2013 I made a song called ‘COOL’ that got popular really quickly. It was more substantial than anything my band had accomplished at that point, so I think that’s when it got serious for me. After ‘COOL’ came out I started getting booking requests to do DJ sets. Back then, I didn’t know what doing a DJ set meant or that I would learn to love it so much. In the beginning, I remember thinking how much I missed playing in my band. I wasn’t sure if DJing was going to be as fulfilling for me. Eight years later I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Today, he describes the Le Youth sound as melodic and progressive house.

“Sometimes melodic techno, but I prefer to just say ‘electronic music’,” he says. “I only get that question in interviews, luckily. I’m sure in a couple years I’ll be doing something totally different, I hope so at least.”

Finding a silver lining, Le Youth believes that the lockdown was good for art in general as artists prefer to be locked into an artistic space.

“As far as L.A. and its electronic music scene, I wasn’t worried,” he says. “L.A. is resilient. It will always bounce back. That’s not to say it wasn’t more difficult in other parts of the world. All the promoters, staff and clubs… they took a hard hit when they were already operating on super slim margins. Sadly a lot didn’t make it.”

The artist has a track called “Virgo” on a new Discoveries compilation album.

Discoveries is the title of a 25-track compilation album coming out on my label, PRGRSSN,” he says. “It was originally intended to be just a short one year anniversary label sampler, but it grew into so much more. Running my label, I get sent a lot of demos, and it’s been so great discovering all these incredibly talented artists whose music I might not have heard otherwise. So I wanted to put together this compilation to highlight some of my favorites and try to help get their music out into the world.”

Looking ahead, Le Youth says that he’s currently finishing up his debut album.

“It should be out at the beginning of 2022,” he says. “I’m also working on a few really great collaborations. My tour schedule is also filling up quickly, which I’m happy and relieved to see.”

Le Youth Makes Discoveries: The Discoveries compilation is out now via PRGRSSN.

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