Pittsburgh's branch of Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, a subsidiary of the Career Education Corporation (CEC), will soon be closing its doors, reports the Pittsburgh Business Times.

Mark Spencer, a spokesman for CEC, says the school's closing has nothing to do with the class action lawsuit currently pending against Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena. The suit alleges fraud, claiming that LBC lures students by promising they'll become chefs, but that most graduate unable to obtain that position.

Spencer says they're employing what's called a “teach-out,” meaning that while they're no longer admitting new students, those currently enrolled will be able to finish their studies.

When asked why the school is closing, Spencer said it's an issue of having limited capital, as well as facing a regulatory environment that's uncertain. He told us via email:

“The Department of Education is looking at a number of new regulations on private-sector career colleges, which has created an uncertain regulatory environment for our schools. We took that into account as we looked at the Pittsburgh market and whether we should invest our finite capital in a new campus lease. In the end, we made the difficult decision that Pittsburgh was not the right location for Le Cordon Bleu.”

This news, in addition to the fact that Le Cordon Bleu's lease in Chicago is nearing its end, leads to questions about the stability of the school. Spencer, however, assures that no other campuses are set to close, including Chicago's, which will either renew its lease or move, but continue operating one way or another.

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