Lawyer Marketing & SEO Expert Viktoria Altman Helps Lawyers Drive Law Firm Growth with Digital Marketing

BSP Legal Marketing specializes in getting lawyers and law firms to rank organically on Google. A strong digital marketing approach can produce daily results.

There is no question that building a successful law firm today is far more complex than it was 20 years ago. Finding the right clients is crucial for a law practice of any size, but it can be especially challenging for small law firms or lawyers just starting out. How do you stand out in a competitive marketplace where large firms dominate? 

Staying competitive in the age of digital transformation requires a firm to develop a strong brand. Search engine optimization, social media, paid advertising and other types of both digital non non-digital marketing are crucial to building a lasting brand.  No matter what type of law one may practice – whether it’s estate planning, divorce criminal or personal injury, a strong digital marketing approach can drive ideal clients to your door every single day.  

BSP legal marketing is one well known agency intent on changing how lawyers do digital marketing.  The boutique digital marketer based in New York City and with offices in California, only works with attorneys.  While some agencies try to grow as big and as fast as possible, BSP delivers a white glove approach at a reasonable price, with the intent to stay small and flexible.  

How Do You Know Which Digital Marketing Approach is Best For Your Law Practice? 

Getting to the top of search engines has long been considered a highly desirable goal for attorneys.  However, there is no question that in an unregulated industry such as digital marketing, few agencies are able to deliver this result, and even less can do so consistently.  

If you are not sure which marketing approach fits best, BSP legal marketing CEO Viktoria Altman recommends looking at your competitors first.  “Lots of new clients seem lost – do we focus on youtube, instagram, SEO, paid ads or something else entirely?  There are many options and this can feel overwhelming” says Altman.  “But you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.  Look at your most successful competitors and try to replicate what they are doing.  Usually if it’s working for your direct competitors, the strategy will work for you.”

If you are a small or new firm, chances are your competitors are focusing on growth, and are using one of two (or both) methods:  digital ads and SEO.   

“While ads can work well, they are also much more expensive and stop working as soon as you stop paying,” explains Ms. Altman. “This is why SEO is a great bet, it is cheaper in the long run and tends to produce more high quality calls” she concludes.

How Do You Choose a Digital Marketing Firm? 

It is the worst kept secret that many digital marketing firms aren’t able to deliver the kind of results clients hope to find.  Finding a great digital marketing agency, one that delivers both value and calls is maybe the biggest challenge an attorney faces when they decide to pursue the digital marketing route.  So how can you find an agency that will perform and deliver results?

Here, Viktoria offers a few tips.  “Start by asking agencies about their process, ask who is responsible for SEO decisions and if you will be able to talk to that person.  In most agencies your contact person is someone in sales who understands very little about the process. If you can talk to the SEO then you are off to a good start.  Talk to other clients of course.  And ask the agency if they are a web design agency that does digital marketing – or a digital marketer that delivers web design.”  

Many marketing agencies focus on web design, paying little or no attention to how the major search engines will view the site and whether the site will convert potential clients.  “‘If you build it they will come’ approach is rarely successful,” says Altman. “A good digital marketing agency will focus on why you build the site first, and design it with the right SEO methods and conversion in mind.”

It is also important to choose a firm that understands your industry.  

“A lot of agencies do not have a specific focus. This may mean they are not aware of specific limitations placed on attorneys when they engage in advertising. This may also mean they are not as familiar with the specific things Google looks for when evaluating a lawyer site (ie the EAT algorithm, which stands for Expertise Authority Trustworthiness),” underlines Mrs. Altman.  “Ideally, you want to work with someone who knows the advertising rules for lawyers, as well as how Google categorizes attorneys online.”

And finally, a digital marketing firm that has a record of success in managing GBP (formerly Google My Business) properties is an absolute must.  “About 50% of calls for our new clients come from Google Business Profile.  If you are working with an agency that only focuses on the website, you are missing on a lot of potential clients.”  says Ms. Altman “While GPM may become less important as your website gets established and your brand more powerful, GPM expertise is crucial to get the ball rolling quickly.”

What can a lawyer SEO company help the lawyer/law office to accomplish?

Viktoria Altman knows from personal experience that starting a small business with a limited budget and no expertise in marketing can be frustrating. Finding a good agency is difficult as well. This is why she prides herself on one of the lowest client turnover rates in the industry.  

“Our job is to make your phone ring with qualified leads. We reach your potential clients where they look for you – online, when they are searching for relevant keywords. By addressing both GBP and website SEO we can maximize the number of eyeballs on your internet properties – and thus the subsequent number of calls,” says Mrs. Altman.

BSP Legal Marketing specializes in getting lawyers and law firms to rank organically on Google. The agency uses specific tools to assure the law firm’s website shows up in the first results for the targeted geographic location. To achieve that BSP in-house team:

  • Develops and designs a customized, user-friendly website that focuses on conversions
  • Creates great content for the site optimized for both humans and Google Business Properties
  • Maximizes the link equity flowing through the website
  • Builds a strong organic campaign with Google Business Profile  listing, generating local clients in the specific area.

“As an attorney, you are busy. You are great at what you do, but you probably don’t know much about internet marketing. That’s okay. We do,” says Mrs. Altman. “Wherever you are in this marketing journey, we will meet you there and help you take charge. Marketing your law practice doesn’t need to be complicated. No matter your budget, we have a comprehensive SEO solution for you.”

To learn more about BSP Legal Marketing contact via email, call or visit their website or social media.  

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