[Update 10.31.11, 11:20 a.m.: Reservations are now open.]

Chef Laurent Quenioux's highbrow/lowbrow collaboration with Starry Kitchen reaches new heights of luxury with an 18-course truffle dinner. Between touring the city with his cheese cart, overseeing the kitchen at Vertical Wine Bistro and hosting monthly LQ@SK dinners, Quenioux will be preparing wood pigeon from Scotland, a veal sweetbread and duck foie gras taco, leek and lobster congee, cucumber ice cream and monkfish cheek — all with white truffles. If you have $350 (that includes tax and tip though no wine), reservations will open on Monday, October 31st at approximately 10:30 a.m. for only 24 seats. Those who are signed up for the LQ mailing list get first crack. Full menu after the jump.

LQ @ SK: Chef Laurent Quenioux

The online reservationss link will be released exclusively to the LQ mailing list FIRST (before it spreads out everywhere else – twitter, Facebook & etc) Approx price will be $350 (we are finalizing over the weekend) for ALL 18 courses

1. Amuse: truffle gel 3 ways: vodka, gin, tequila

2. Cucumber Ice Cream, Blis Steel-head Roe, Blinis, Truffles

3. Cold Poached Quail Eggs Mold in Pork Aspic with Sun choke, Fresh Truffles

4. Truffle Panacotta, Sea Urchin Emulsion

5. Pintade Hen Tartar with Truffle, Celery Root Truffle Remoulade, a hint of Yuzu

6. Green Daikon Cannoli, Dungeness, Serrano Ham Pico De Gallo

7. Scottish Hare Truffle Consommé, Morcella, Hare shu-mai

8. Truffle Tapioca Pudding, Belize Shrimps, Green Tea Sabayon

8. Truffle Congee, Spiny Lobster, leeks, 24 months Comte cheese

9. Monkfish Cheek, Hazelnut Butter Vinaigrette, Truffles

10. Scrambled Eggs, Truffles, Nopales, Truffle Mole

11. Oxtail and Truffle Grilled Cheese

12. Beef Bone Marrow Toast, Truffles, Huckleberries

13. Wood Pigeon From Scotland, Fresh Fig, Green Lentils, Parsnip, Miso, Nameko

14. Veal Sweetbreads, Duck Foie Gras Soft Taco

15. Purslane Salad, curdle yolk, Truffles

16. Truffle Coulomier Cheese

17. Truffle Tamale “Elote” Truffle Steamed Milk

18. Beer taffy Truffle and Barley Ice Cream, “Hop Caramel Fleur de sel Cremeux, Beer Truffle Varnish

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