Corrected to include Laura Ling's name:

Award-winning investigative reporter Eric Longabardi over at The Enterprise Report has a troubling scoop about how Laura Ling, Euna Lee and Bill Clinton were brought back to the United States on a big jet owned by major Democratic Party donor and ultimate silver-spooner Stephen Bing, who was handed $600 million by his family as a young man.

So here we have a big nod being given to party politics, in the person of the ultra-ultra partisan and controversial for all the wrong reasons Steve Bing, during one of the most delicate U.S. government diplomatic missions of the decade?

If the creepy Dear Leader wouldn't allow Bill Clinton to be flown in by a U.S. government jet, why did the White House choose help from such a money-splashing, paternity-suit mired, slick operator as Bing, a guy who tries to buy ballot measure victories by spending tens of millions of his dollars?

Oh, I forgot, Bing and Clinton are close friends. This could go down as

a really bizarre, and tin-ear, decision by President Barack Obama.

Saving journalists from 12 years of hard labor is not supposed to be

about taking care of political paybacks.

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