Even more Latinos than usual will take to the streets of Los Angeles next week — and not due to a breach in border security. (Ah, but we kid! We're the No. 1 Latino lovers around. Just ask the Weekly's dependably racist comment mob.)

Nope. This is some cross-media, next-level Latino shit. Seeing as they're are the fastest-growing group in the country, their online domain is likewise a wildfire waiting to happen: Enter the Hispanize PR & Social Media Conference, moving from Dallas to L.A. for its second annual shindig from Wednesday, April 6 through Friday, April 8.

Everyone who's anyone in Mexi media will be there:

From Oscar nominee Edgar James Olmos and his bloggin' mujer to the chick who ran the Wisin y Yandel marketing campaign for Microsoft Zune (we're fans!).

Hispanicize founder Manni Ruiz, who moonlights as digital family man PapiBlogger, calls the conference “the ultimate corporate bootcamp of social media.”

Basically, of 300 to 500 expected attendees, there will be a bunch of bloggers and Facebook/Twitter heads being sweet-talked by marketers. And even a comedian present (the oh-so-Latino Rick Najera) to make fun of the whole dynamic, which Ruiz calls “weird PR people trying to pitch stories.” Sweet.

All theorizing and schmoozing will go down at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa. Bloggers get a discounted three-day rate of $425, for obvious reasons.

Ruiz says to think of the event as “a mini SXSW, where you have a bunch of conferences at once.” How very rock 'n' roll, no? It comes with the downsides of a giant music fest, too, with 36 overlapping sessions to choose from.

Among the coolest-looking lectures:

  • The U.S. Census count: The amazing marketing story behind it and what the results reveal about Hispanics
  • Speed dating: Latina and Latino bloggers meet the brands and agencies
  • Hispanic digital personas come to life
  • Mami blogging 3.0: The power of influence
  • Marketing to gaytinos: Understanding the U.S. LGBT Latino consumer
  • IBlog 2: Hispanic tech bloggers

And the best news we've heard all week: “You could be a Latino blogger, too,” says Ruiz. “A gringo Latino.”

OK, that's it — we're in.


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