The Klaxons

El Rey Theatre, July 10, 2007

By Sandy Kanphantha

It's almost like any other night at the El Rey. Lines are stretched along the side of the building. Giddy and shivering cold concert attendees waiting to get inside. But last night, Klaxons brought the heat in L.A. at the sold out show storming up a dance party that could've lasted all night long.

The show opened with Portland, Oregon's local band Fist Fite. Their set did little to get the crowd, a duty which fell ably to the Klaxons, but their mix of electronic, screamo, and dance- pop eventually got a few heads bopping along. It wasn't until after their set was over that the venue began to fill up.

After waiting about ten minutes, which seemed longer in the crowd, sounds of guitars and microphone checks started up the crowd, who began waving their glow sticks enthusiastically as if it would help speed up the process. At last, the band came out kick starting a mass wave of jumping fans who clapped and sang along to their songs. They played the singles of course, like “Golden Skans,” “Atlantis to Interzone,” “Magick,” and “Gravity's Rainbow” from their new album, Myths of the Near Future.

None of the tracks ceased to stop the crowd from clapping and cheering even when they stopped mid-way through “Magick” which kept the crowd wanting for more only to continue seconds later and girls and boys responding to their “oooo's” by “ahhh-ing” during “Golden Skans.”

Ironically, their second to last song was “It's Not Over Yet” and the crowd didn't want it to be either. With every beginning there is an end, and this one came without an encore to top it all off. If you missed the show no need to worry, they are coming back again in September. So get your tickets when they come out so you do not have to hustle people for tickets on the day of the show when it's sold out.

— Sandy Kanphantha

LA Weekly