Like most of you, last night I missed the super-intimate Jane's Addiction show at La Cita. I don't know what your excuse is but mine is that I was busy taking photographs of Amy Sedaris getting all Edward Scissorhands on a fan's tresses during a Barnes & Noble book signing. Lucky for us, Buzz Bands L.A.'s Kevin Bronson was there and he posted all the details this morning about who got in, who got shut out, and who went so far as to fly from Canada to sleep on the sidewalk outside the Downtown dive bar just to get a wristband. Cheers to you, dedicated fan. I live Downtown and can't think of one band I'd sleep on those sidewalks for. Anyway, head over to Buzz Bands to get Bronson's full scoop on the Jane's Addiction gig.

Also, check out TheMintLA's video footage of the night below:

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