Check out the slideshow for behind the scenes footage of the band killing time in the dressing room and rehearsing their big TV performance.

The last time I spoke with Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes, the Eagles of Death Metal frontman and I casually discussed the idea of collaborating on a series of Choose Your Own Adventure books for adults, each filled with characters who indulge in the noirish dramas of rock-n-roll Hollywood nights and perhaps, at the end of each chapter, find themselves idling at the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Sunset Blvd at 3 a.m., waiting for the red light to change, and hoping their life changes with it. If you decide to flip a u-turn and go back home, turn to page 2. If you decide to go to the after-party, turn to page 13. Of all the people I could imagine writing a Choose Your Own Adventure Series based in Los Angeles, Hughes would be the person – his love affair with this city and all her dusk 'til dawn glory is unparalleled.

Monday night however, there was relatively little carousing as I met up with Hughes and Eagles of Death Metal before the band's performance on talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! The tiny dressing room was packed with enough of the band's friends, family and children that it felt more like an episode of Romper Room and less like a den of debauchery. Hughes darted in and out trying to find his son a pencil for his homework, while Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and wife Brody Dalle (Spinnerette, ex-Distillers) watched quietly over their little girl and the other kids dog-piled on the floor, discussing the election (seriously!).

Eagles of Death Metal's new album, Heart On, was released October 28. If you missed last month's interview with Hughes, read it here.

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