By Sophia Kercher

Free beer, free bowling and free music? Sounds like a dream. The ANTICS holiday shindig hosted by Filter Magazine presented the bounty of free fun at Eagle Rock's retro-cool All Star Lanes last night. Stepping into the DJ jams, disco lights, and mix of beer-toting kids was like walking into a strange dream where suddenly you're back in high school. Except the standoff-ish barely-legal crowd, who stood annoyed at the long lines for booze and games, had more complicated haircuts.

The coolest crews had scored bowling lanes. I wanted in. It didn't matter that I didn't have a team of bowling comrades, right? Pulling out my 17-year-old tricks I lied shamelessly to get in with the popular crowd.

“All my friends are, like, in lane 3,” I faked.

After skeptical looks, bowling shoes were handed over. I passed Santa gripping a flask, two boys with matching flat-tops holding hands, and made a beeline to a friendly looking trio who had just started a game.

“Sorry, you have to sign up at the front,” they rejected when I asked to join.

Back at the front a young Adonis informed me that his team was already full. I was beginning to feel like the only one without a date for senior prom.

The prospect of waiting in lines for a round of Rock Band or a freebie silk-screen t-shirt in the parking lot didn't sway me. I considered conversation with a dude with catfish-like whiskers; he glanced right through me like I was a lowly freshman. After a few thoughtful sips of brew–finally–there was my lane. They were rebels. Three dudes without bowling shoes. Not only were they not bad to look at, the guys were more than happy to let me knock back a few pins. I was rolling, got my second near-strike when three fair-skinned beauties walked up. The girls quickly paired up with my new bowling mates. They were all in the music business; they might as well said “cheerleaders.” Yes, it was time to grab the last free swag and wake up from the dream.

(All photos by Erin Broadley)

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