Guess who's getting behind a state senator's proposal to extend California's last call for alcohol to 4 a.m?

It wouldn't take a sober genius to figure out: The L.A. club industry. Yeah, the Muse Lifestyle Group, which owns such Hollywood venues as Playhouse and Sound, is lobbying nightlife denizens to support the legislation. There's also a petition in favor the law:

The club company this week sent an email blast to its customers touting the benefits of serving alcohol until 4 a.m. instead of the mandated shutdown at 2. It urged patrons to visit the petition, too.

Muse's clubs often stay open until 4, but they can't serve between 2 and 4. And its clubbers are thirsty.

According to its statement:

SB 635 allows local communities to take control of these important community decisions. SB 635 will elevate San Francisco and Los Angeles in specific and California in general to a level equal to or surpassing the great entertainment areas of the nation and the world. Optional 4 AM hours (which require a special permit from the NY State Liquor Authority) has certainly never hurt New York. California deserves no less …

We've noted more than once how embarrassing it is when out-of-town friends discover what puritanical drinking hours Los Angeles has. The club campaign seems to have taken note:

The big question is whether partiers, notorious no shows at the polls, will rise up and make their voices be heard on this. They have formidable foes in the form of little old ladies from Pasadena. They never miss an election.

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