A few hours after the release of Antoine Dodson's viral video for his new Holiday song “Chimney Intruder,” an very upset DâM-FunK–LA's revered funk revivalist responsible for one of last year's best reviewed albums–took to his Twitter account to express his anger over Dodson's “#SupremeCoonActionFailure.” Quoting Barack Obama, DâM-FunK tweeted he had “enough” and that he was “NOT falling 4 the new 'Coonery/Shuck n Jive' era upon us.” Check out his reaction at Dodson's novelty success:

Dam-Funk's anger at Antoine Dodson's viral success

Dam-Funk's anger at Antoine Dodson's viral success

Dam-Funk is by all accounts an extremely nice guy, full of supporting words for everyone, so it's pretty clear that Antoine Dodson's “Chimney Intruder,” and/or how Dodson's accidental stardom has spread over the internet among people who might be laughing at and not with the flamboyant rape-attempt victim's brother, must have upset him a lot.

What do you think?

Is Dam-Funk overreacting or is Antoine Dodson's career an example of modern day, as Dam-Funk puts it, “Shuck n Jive”?

Are people laughing at or with Antoine Dodson?

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