Food trucks may have their passionate followers, but others don't like them at all, or at least resent the way they infringe on neighborhood businesses. The June issue of the Larchmont Chronicle comes right out and says “No on Food Trucks.” In the Community Platform column, editor/publisher Jane Gilman asks Larchmont shoppers not to patronize any trucks that park on the boulevard. “You are taking away funds from eateries who pay rent and staff employees,” she writes. “The trucks also take up valuable parking places.”

Like other areas, Larchmont Village has been hurt by the recession, and Gilman says she hears lots of complaints about the trucks. “They take away from people who are spending a lot of money to be in business,” she points out.

A couple of trucks have been parking outside two banks on the street, but this official cold shoulder may send them elsewhere. “It's not something we really welcome on Larchmont,” Gilman says.

LA Weekly