After the U.S. Department of Justice expressed concerns this week that some LAPD officers might be up to their old, racial-profiling ways, the union that represents L.A. cops called b.s. on the notion.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League, in a statement on its blog, pulled this trump card: If there's still racial profiling at the department, why hasn't it been proven via complaints against officers?

The LAPD this year took decisive action by creating the Constitutional Policing Unit to beef up its ability to thoroughly and accurately investigate complaints of biased profiling. Indeed, all complaints made against an LAPD officer – even those that on the surface have no merit – are fully investigated.

… At present, the Department has four LAPD officials assigned full time to grill officers accused of racial profiling. The annual taxpayer tab for these assignments is over $500,000 – not including the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to simply transcribe the interviews.

… These extensive investigations have yet to produce any evidence of racial profiling.

The DOJ is concerned, after it had the LAPD under a ethnic-sensitivity consent decree with roots in the late-'90s Rampart Scandal, because an officer was caught on tape recently saying, “I couldn't do my job without racially profiling.”

But here's a monkey wrench for the DOJ's jab: The LAPD is now majority minority, and one of two officers graduating from the academy in 2009 was Latino. Who is profiling whom?

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