It looks like the Los Angeles Police Department is already gearing up for Thursday's deciding game in the NBA championship series between the Lakers and Celtics at Staples Center, with CBS2 reporting that police are staffing up for the evening in a bid to avoid last year's embarrassing “Lakers riots,” in which a few dozen fans went bonkers after the Lakers took the title. Already at least one Lakers-themed discussion board is promising mayhem and mischief:

“If lakers loose expect staples center to get burned down,” one commenter at The Lakers Nation stated.

“Hi guys in LA if we win wait for the Celtics bus and turn it over with them inside,” stated another. “So they too have a harrowing story to tell after being curbstomped.”

Yet another: “Something's going down Thursday night, win or lose….gotta love LA

After Tuesday's series-tying win over the Celtics, fans were already reportedly going apeshit. Sounds like we'll be avoiding downtown Thursday. How about you?

LA Weekly