Updated at the bottom: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck wants to find this guy. Plus, see video of another cop getting bonked on the head. And, check out our May Day protest coverage, with photos. First posted at 6:08 a.m.

One skateboarder is accused of occupying a officer's riot helmet with his board during yesterday's May Day worker demonstrations downtown.

The female cop got hit so hard that it cracked her helmet and she was put in a hospital, LAPD Officer Karen Rayner told the Weekly.

All turned out okay, however:

Last night the cop was released from the hospital with an ice pack, Rayner said — and, surely, a nice ringing sound in her head.

Rayner said it happened about 4:10 p.m. yesterday near Fourth and Hill streets downtown as crowds occupied intersections.

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The 1,000 or so demonstrators, some from the Occupy movement, prompted police to issue a citywide tactical alert and form skirmish lines. (Tactical alerts allow commanders to keep cops on the ground past their quitting time).

Some intersections were blocked by protesters, who dispersed last night but remained around Pershing Square into later hours.

The skater got away. The officer will be back, says Rayner:

I think she'll be off for a few days, but she'll be okay.

[Update at 10:58 a.m.]: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck tweeted this last night:

Also, check out this video of another cop getting bonked on the head by a guy with a drum:

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