With the economy as bad as it, it's more important than ever that our tax dollars go to buying American. Well, our friends over at the LAPD didn't seem to get that memo. They use the Austrian Glock pistol (not to mention the Italian Beretta), and some of the those beach-bum cops in Venice even drive Toyota 4×4 pickups (dude).

And now the department is considering using Korean dogs for its K-9 units! This is just Kim Jong-illness. What gives? Aren't good ole' fashioned American (er, German) shepherds good enough for L.A.'s finest?

States the LAPD:

The Jindo breed is an extremely intelligent, brave and loyal animal, and is even designated as one of South Korea's National Treasures, its 53rd.

Two K-9 trainers from the LAPD's elite Metropolitan Division are headed to South Korea's Chonnam Province to evaluate as many as 30 Jindos for possible use in the force. According to the department:

The newest LAPD recruit? Jindo.

The newest LAPD recruit? Jindo.

This is an exciting endeavor for the LAPD. Metropolitan Division is honored to be partnering with the Jindo Dog Promotion and Innovatioin Agency (JDPIA) in this first of its kind collaboration with a police agency within the United States.

The department states that if the cops are happy with the pups' performance, they will be able to take two home thanks to a donation from the agency.

Oh, and the Korean dog promoters are funding the trip, so it's all Alpo and gravy as far as L.A. taxpayers are concerned.

LA Weekly