Maybe Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey really does want to die. In a June interview with The Guardian, the forlorn pop star and recovered alcoholic proclaimed, “I wish I was dead already.” (She later claimed the quote was taken out of context.) Del Rey’s quick ascent following the release of her 2012 major-label debut, Born to Die, garnered multiple award nominations, as well as flack by some critics who accused her of donning a “fraudulent,” trendier stage persona in order to achieve commercial success. Her tragedy-tinged latest, Ultraviolence, has received mostly positive reviews and is her first to land a No. 1 slot on the Billboard album charts. As irony would have it, tonight’s show will take place at the cemetery where Jayne Mansfield and other entertainment icons are buried. Lana, is this goodbye? —Jacqueline Michael Whatley

Oct. 17-18, 6 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 10/18/14)

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