Funny or Die is often more die than funny (for starters, every single video runs about a 45 seconds too long).

There are exceptions: that thing with Will Ferrell and the baby landlord everyone likes, their republishing of Human Giant clips (including the funniest thing we've seen all year), etc. But in general two things are pretty predictable with FoD:

1. Their original-content videos will use a major celebrity they have inexplicably blackmailed into doing “comedy” for them (FoD apparently has a massive Rolodex and lots of pictures of celebrities schtupping farm animals)


2. They will be worth a chuckle at best, but they will also be poorly acted, scripted and shot and TOO FUCKING LONG (what was that thing about “timing, timing, timing”?)

Their April Fool's prank for this year is no exception: Funny or Die claims they have been bought by a fictitious teen pop star with the ridiculous name “Justin Bieber,” who appears on videos throughout the site. This Bieber character is played by a charmless, talentless teenager who looks like a Catholic priest's wet dream topped with a phony novelty Beatles wig circa Rubber Soul.

Watch him try to “act”:

Here's another one. This one combines a tired internet meme with what could pass for something from the massive erotica collection in Neverland Ranch's secret cabinets:

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