With the NBA Playoffs underway, things haven't exactly gone according to plan for the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. They've split their first four games with the plucky New Orleans Hornets, and now news has broken that rookie forward Derrick Caracter was arrested in New Orleans early Sunday morning, and has been accused of public drunkenness, resisting arrest, and shoving a cashier at an International House of Pancakes.

Police officials told the Times-Picayune that Caracter was, “grabbing and pulling a waitress,” before an IHOP manager eventually flagged down a police officer. According to the paper, the arrest was made after the 22-year-old Caracter was approached by the female officer, but, “remained obstinate.” Meanwhile, ESPN Los Angeles is reporting that he has since been released on a $1,000 bond.

We didn't ask Gary Vitti, but we assume that 1 a.m. pancakes aren't exactly part of a recommended diet during the playoffs. But then, Caracter has not yet suited up for a playoff game, and at this point, probably won't.

LA Weekly