Lakers fans have had a tough time of it lately, between losing Lamar Odom to the Mavericks and Chris Paul to the Clippers and Kobe Bryant to the divorce court. About the only people who've been enjoying this are the folks at TMZ, who at least get to take the Khloe Kardashian show on the road. Things may get better before the season opens on Christmas Day, but if we don't all get a big Dwight Howard-sized present under (well, beside) the tree, we can at least drown our sorrows in buttercream frosting.

Because Magnolia Bakery has decided to take pity on local basketball fans and, starting Christmas Day, will be making special Lakers cupcakes. Cute, eh? The $3 chocolate or vanilla cupcakes will come topped with the requisite buttercream frosting and will be available on home game days only. You can call the bakery to pre-order the cupcakes if you like to plan ahead. No word yet on Clippers cupcakes. (Yes, we asked. Don't tell a certain 13-year-old point guard we know.)

LA Weekly