As more details are revealed about the ongoing national security scandal unleashed by shadowy organization Wikileaks (masterminded by the Ian-Fleming-monickered Julian Assange), one particular musical connection sticks out in the saga of this lurid tale's Lee Harvey Oswald figure, alleged source of the leak Bradley Manning.

And it rhymes with “Ady Aga”…:

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer and many other sources:

Manning, who was posted in Iraq, is charged in military court with taking other classified material published by WikiLeaks. It was not clear whether others, such as WikiLeaks executives, might be charged in civilian courts.

In his Internet chat, Manning described security conditions as lax to the point that he could bring a music CD to work, erase the music, and replace it with secrets.

He told the computer hacker who turned him in that he had lip-synched pop singer Lady Gaga's hit “Telephone” while making off with “possibly the largest data spillage in American history.”

Manning is said by some sources to have walked off the secure computer facility with the data hidden on a CD innocently labeled “Lady Gaga.”

We've known for a while that Lady Gaga is very likely a pawn of the Illuminati, but aiding and abetting treason is a new low for the pop occultist.

It's interesting that Manning is said to have wanted to “unleash worldwide anarchy” with this stunt. It seems obvious to us that Lady Gaga, a notorious fellow traveler of our Freemasonic overlords, would probably prefer “new world order” to “worldwide anarchy.”

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