Why should stereotypical frat boys popping a can of Rolling Rock and conjuring frolicking, bikini-clad babes atop an Alpine vista represent all beer drinkers? Ladies like beer too. Too often however, they're steered toward “the worst-tasting, syrupy-sweet, weak drinks,” according to Ting Su.

That's why Su, who co-owns Eagle Rock Brewery along with her husband Jeremy Raub and his father Steve, is launching a monthly Women's Beer Forum, where she'll present a flight of four beers and host a discussion about each one. The first one is tonight.

Held the third Wednesday of every month, tonight's inaugural session focuses on “fru-fru” beers. Not “frou-frou” beers, just beers with some fruit in them. For two hours, no boys will be allowed in the grain room as women mingle, taste and talk beer — when they're not busy pressing flowers, stroking kittens and swimming in rivers while wearing dresses and hats. Now, start practicing in your best high-pitched British accent, “Is this the kind of beer a lady would drink?”

When: 7:30 – 9:30 p.m., today (March 16th)

Where: Eagle Rock Brewery

Cost: $10. Please RSVP on the website.

LA Weekly