It’s time to buy some presents for the pot enthusiast in your life. 

It can be tricky. A lot of people have been gifted boof by well-intended people over the years.

“Maybe Billy wants grass,” they reasonably thought. They just didn’t have a metric for quality in their heart. 

Fear not, this list has something for everyone. Be it a Christmas-themed chocolate bar for grandma or American-made glass for your baby wook you can’t get to move out of the basement. Here are some great options for Christmas 2022. 


Kiva Tree Bark


Courtesy of Kiva

While its grave is the holiday champion, Kiva’s tree bark is nothing to scoff at. It’s a fantastic Christmas-themed edible the whole gang can enjoy. The chunks of peppermint also make it one of the least weedy tasting edibles since the peppermint is going to dominate your palate. And the regular strength is just what you need for the holiday cannabis newbies getting in the mix. 



Courtesy of AFM Glass

Alien Flower Monkey Glass Quartz Bangers

We try our best to highlight great American-made affordable quartz when we get the opportunity. Only adding to the fun is the fact that Alien Money Glass is made in Los Angeles. We’re going to do a full write-up on them in the not-too-distant future but wanted to make sure quartz was on your radar, so you could scoop some for the dabber in your life. 


Lonnwikk Hemp YoyotempFileForShare 20221205 114309

Hemp wicks are nothing new, but the idea of adding them to a yoyo certainly is. We were gifted a Lonnwikk at MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas. It was certainly one of the more unique products we saw during our week on the strip for the cannabis industry’s mega show. The purpose of the hemp wick is to prevent the butane in the lighter from impacting the flavor of the terpene profile. 


Sacred Fruits Mystical Micros20221201 163011

As we noted in our coverage of the first Phase One trials around the benefits of LSD microdosing, microdosing psychedelics is all the rage these days. And it’s generally a lot more popular with psilocybin here in California given the level of access we have to quality mushrooms and the products made from them. The team at the very popular Sacred Fruits brand has blessed the world with a fantastic dosing format with their musical micros. One pill will give you a microdose that will promote a bit of extra mental clarity, three to five pills will have you feeling hyper connected to the galaxy, and once you get past five pills you’re starting to dabble in full sensory hallucinations. Pretty awesome. 


Masonic Seed Comasonic 0031

The pride of Compton wants LA Weekly readers to get some steals and deals this holiday season on its popular seeds lines. If you enter “LAWeeky” into the discount code at checkout, you’ll get a whopping 50% off. The only deal this isn’t compatible with is Clutch’s 50,000 Acre Bundle.

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