Green Wednesday – a fan favorite of all the cannabis holidays – is fast approaching this November 23. Traditionally recognized on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving, Green Wednesday is a celebration of the familial culture of cannabis and a welcomed alternative to the hangover-inducing get-togethers revolving around holiday reunions. As one of the most popular cannabis consumption days of the year, cannabis producers, retailers, brands and distributors use the Green Wednesday holiday as an opportunity to put out killer sales and deals, ensuring everybody gets what they need to make their holiday season chill. While there are many deals to take advantage of on this Green Wednesday 2022, here are our favorite brands putting out the best: 


Seven Leaves

There are many options for your cannabis wants and needs. Thank you for choosing or considering SEVEN LEAVES with your dollars. It keeps us able to produce, harvest and deliver fresh indoor flowers to hundreds of menus across the State weekly. Your purchase provides jobs for the incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and hardworking team at SEVEN LEAVES.

The founders of SEVEN LEAVES have been in the industry since 2008. The brand was founded in early 2017. As it was at the start, it is today; still a self-funded, family-style business. Thanks to you. |

Source Cannabis LA

Source Cannabis

Source Cannabis is a legacy cannabis brand known for its desire to serve the highest quality cannabis products. Founded in 2003 in the bay area, and currently headquartered in Los Angeles, Source Cannabis recognizes a need for natural, organic cannabis in the market. Source leverages their Clean Green Certified cultivator’s knowledge of plant nutrients and soil sciences to grow the best cannabis in California.

For almost 20 years, Source Cannabis has been committed to instilling compassion into society through the unwavering quality of our offerings, service, and ethos. As legacy cultivators, they are dedicated to impacting change and sharing their expertise with those most impacted by the war on drugs. | @source_cannabis

Linx Vapor LAWeekly1 1200 750

Linx Vapor

The Linx Gaia is an award-winning portable convection dry herb vaporizer, designed with a pure quartz chamber and variable temperature control. The Linx Gaia’s compactness, simplicity, and premium materials make it a great choice when you are looking for a portable flower vape that will give you quality vapor every time. The Gaia was named “Best Portable Vaporizer” by High Times, and “Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for Beginners” by Herb. | @linxvapor

8x5 Canna River LA Weekly print

Canna River

New from LA-based Canna River is a collection of tinctures called Ultra that feature a unique, high potency 20,000mg cannabinoid blend of CBD, CBG or CBN aimed to potentially relieve aches and pains and improve sleep. The premium quality cannabinoid brand, which offers everything for $100 or less, developed Ultra for those looking for relief without breaking the bank. Visit or @cannariver on Instagram for more. | @cannariver


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