You can tell it's the end of the year when you start getting the lists and round-ups, catalogs and awards, best-ofs and Top 10 this and that. Or rather, more of them. In this vein, we've launched our “LA Weekly Presents the LA Web Awards” which is open for voting through Dec. 31st. You can nominate the best of the LA Web scene, in 36 categories. Nominate LA's best food blog, best twitterer, best flickr pool, best restaurant site, and (yes) best drinking blog. If you don't want to vote for all 36 categories–best shameless self-promoter, say, or best police blog–then just vote for those that you do.

From these nominations, a team of experts — Attack of the Show's Kevin Pereira, Nerdist's Chris Hardwick, Digg's Aubrey Sabala, Web personaliy iJustine and others — will select the winners, which will be announced at a grand party in LA (location TBA). Here is the complete list of categories, and links to vote. Cue drumroll.

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