This LA Weekly Flickr pool photo comes to you from MyLastBite, a lovely shot of the crispy octopus, smokey chipotle and piquillo pepper polenta dish that Ludo Lefebvre served at his most recent LudoBites. It was a one night only event, very well attended by many of us, by Sundance cameraman, by a few circumspect Redondo Beach cops, and by a group of foie gras protesters (hence the cops), who looked rather hungry. Fittingly, Ludo's foie gras quesadilla with juniper berry cream (check out Jo's photostream) was possibly the best dish of the night. Well, along with this one, which was pretty awesome too.

Yeah, yeah, we'll let you know the dates of more LudoBites incarnations just as soon as we know. Ludo Bites America will air later this summer on the Sundance channel. And, of course, if you have any brilliant shots of food you've taken around town recently, you might consider uploading them on our Flickr pool. Never know where they might show up.

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