Once upon a time, lovely food photography was all about perfect dishes: no crumbs, no bites, no dirty silverware. In fact some of us remember when shooting pictures of bitten food was just as verboten as splitting infinitives. Yeah, that used to be wrong too. Shots of food caught midway between presentation and consumption are untidy, but there's something beautifully hedonistic about them, as if we stumbled upon an intimate scene, an appetite in the process of being sated, a moment of unadulterated pleasure. They also just make the food look good, like it was meant to be eaten and enjoyed rather than admired from across the table.

Which is just what this LA Weekly Flickr pool shot of blueberry pancakes does. A reminder that if you have any great shots of food you've taken around town recently, you might consider uploading them on our Flickr pool. Never know where they might show up.

LA Weekly