Nite Jewel

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Nite Jewel is part of a fascinating little scene of lo-fi cheesy dance music coming out of one corner of LA's art community, one that has connections to the Italians Do It Better world of New York City — but way more oblique and interesting. The pseudonym of young artist and philosophy student Ramona Gonzales, Nite Jewel crafts semi-clumsy dance funk that feels like it was discovered in the disco trunk in your parents' attic.

Gonzales cites Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Debbie Deb and New Jack Swing among her influences, but, like her Angeleno peers Ariel Pink and (the uber-fascinating) Geneva Jacuzzi, records strictly on a portable 8-track cassette deck. As a result, her bass-kicks don't thump, they plop, and her synthetic snare snap sounds like an old New Order drum pattern. The whole thing is incredibly artificial, but intentionally and interestingly so.

Commercial Placement Idea: Watch the remarkable video for “Artificial Intelligence,” directed by Travis Morrison, then tell me that Pepto Bismal doesn't have a new Super Bowl halftime spot.

Nite Jewel – “Weak for Me” (MP3)

Can I add that you should also check out Travis Morrison's Geneva Jacuzzi video below:

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