Spudnuts: Maple Cruller + Other Donuts

With the highest number of per capita donut shops of any major metropolitan area in the United States, Los Angeles is the ideal locale for a donut confab. Following on the greasy heels of 2009's Hot Dog Death March and last year's inaugural Donut Summit, the 2nd LA Donut Summit will unite donut connoisseurs of all proclivities for an afternoon of deep-fried mayhem.

Hosted by the junk-food lovers at blogging.la, this year's event includes coffee from Intelligentsia and a panel of semi-expert judges. Admission is a plate of donuts (six to 12). Buy them from your favorite shop or bring your own. “Krispy Kreme will not be accepted and you will be mocked,” according to the requirements. The winning donuts and donut-makers get some kind of prize.

WHEN: 2 p.m., July 31

WHERE: Elysian Park Picnic Area #6, 835 Academy Rd., LA.

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