This fair season alone, Chicken Charlie has already sold 200,000 Fried Kool-Aid balls and 6,000 pounds of fried ribs. He's hoping to top that when the LA County Fair opens this weekend in Pomona.

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We previewed them back in May, but yesterday, we had a chance to finally sample two of the newest concoctions in Chicken Charlie's arsenal of fried fair fare: Fried Kool-Aid and FryBQ Ribs. We're convinced. All donut holes should be rolled in tart-sweet Kool-Aid powder, which is, more or less, the cocaine of the candy world. (We'll also accept Lik-M-Aid or Fun Dip as alternatives.)

Oh, yeah… the fair. Chicken Charlie is certainly Southern California's most famous fare vendor, but he's hardly alone. This year's LA County Fair boasts be sorts of vendors, including a rotating armada of food trucks, serving all sorts of food: glazed red Thai-ish chicken skewers, Indian Fry Bread, tacos, cheesecake on a stick, jumbo turkey legs, corndogs colossal enough to make Michelle Bachmann balk and even a few salads. Just wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you ride the mechanical bull.

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