Earlier we told you about Haz-Mat teams and LAPD apparently moving at least a dozen RVs from Venice Beach after complaints that an RV in another part of Venice dumped the contents of its on-board septic tank on to a city street.

L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has been trying to manage the difficult issue of the Venice RVs — which often house the otherwise homeless — with a plan to allow them to park in a single area under the condition they accept social services.

Rosendahl put out a statement today on the alleged dumping, which he indicates involve not just one, but three incidents: “In the past few days, alert and vigilant Venice residents noticed and reported three incidents of human waste being dumped or spilled on city streets. These are sickening and offensive crimes that threaten public health and diminish the quality of life.”

Courage: Rosendahl comes out against the dumping of human waste.

He says the incidents have been reported at Fleet Street and Pacific Avenue; 3rd Street and Sunset Boulevard; and 3rd Street and Rose Street.

City authorities have acted and believe the liquid waste hasn't entered the storm drains, he said.

Rosendahl says if you witness an incident, call 911; LA County Hazardous Materials: 800-974-9794; and, his office: 213-473-7011.

Not that the poor souls know any better, but dumping human waste may have been a slight PR gaffe by the RV folks as they try to maintain their ground in Venice.

LA Weekly