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One listen to “No Dope,” Whispertown 2000's melancholy ode to lost love and hard drugs, should pull any first-timer into the magnetic orbit of this smart, tight and thoughtful country-rock band.

A viewing of their “Old Times” video will only draw you in further. Singer Morgan Nagler is a natural. She possesses the vocal talent, wit and charisma to carry the songs, and she's got connections — Whispertown came up with the Rilo Kiley posse, and she counts Gillian Welch among her admirers. The band, comprised of some of L.A.'s most solid and efficient players, beautifully augments her voice.

Commercial-placement idea: Their “103” could be used in a Sunday AIG insurance ad during Meet the Press: “When I'm 102/will the sky be blue/Will the night be long?/When I'm 103/will you still like me/when my body is gone?”

Whispertown 2000 – No Dope (MP3)

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