The Mother’s Day on lockdown has arrived, and we have a fantastic lineup of cannabis products sure to help her pass the time. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, buying your parents weed is a fun activity all the time. But now that we’re approaching two months being isolated from most of the folks in our lives, giving the gift of an adventure you can take from your couch should qualify as mental health support. 

So whether mom is a rookie or debating the county about plant counts, we’ve got something in this holiday lineup she is sure to love. Maybe she wants to pass the time experimenting in the kitchen or taking trips to outer space? Regardless, there is something for her. 

Magic Butter

Photo Courtesy of Magic Butter

Making your own weed butter is the base of the edible pyramid. It’s also basically the prep cooking for the real main event, so why not get some basic automation going as opposed to trying to not mess it up? Magic Butter has long been at the top of the market when it comes to digitally combining pot and butter. The newest Magic Butter M2be is the company’s most high tech offering yet. It grinds, heats, stirs and steeps your pot in the correct time intervals and temperature for an excellent consistency every time. The Mother’s Day Special runs through Friday, May 8 if you want to save $30. Shipping is free. 

A Pot Cook Book Cookbook

Man, what is mom going to do with all that butter?! First off she should go check out our official list of pandemic pot recipes. She’ll be able to check out preview recipes from three of the top weed cookbooks in the game and then just buy the one that tastes the best! But we have to warn you, if mom attempts to cook her way through one of the books and is high for the rest of lockdown it’s not on us!


As we recently covered in our garden guide, there is nothing quite as smoking your own marijuana come fall. Even if mom isn’t the traditional green thumb, you should head over to Dr. Greenthumb’s for one of the clone drops they are doing with Dark Heart Nursery. B-Real and his team will get you lined up with some excellent genetics to quench your gardening thirst through summer. Worst case scenario is mom’s gardening dreams don’t work out and you just use her yard to do some extra plants for yourself. Be sure to share the spoils with her when Croptober hits!

Northern Emeralds Strawnana

Strawnana – Photo Courtesy of Northern Emeralds

Northern Emeralds grows some of the best weed in California period, and their Strawnana is like jumping in a DeLorean back to the Obama administration. Strawberry Banana is one of those strains that was cursed by its own success over the years. The DNA Genetics bred strain was one of the main terpene loaded offerings that showed us where the concentrate game was heading in the middle of the decade. As extractors dialed in their techniques for preserving terpenes in hash, one of the strains that flooded the market was Strawnana because it smelled and tasted so banging. But now that we’ve had a nice little break, it’s great to see some real killers working with Strawnana again. It’s a super fruity fun cerebral high that won’t give mom a panic attack. 

Papa & Barkley Releaf Balms

Photo Courtesy of Papa and Barkley’s

Papa & Barkley’s lineup of balms is quickly becoming of the most popular in the state. In a world of more sketchy weed topicals then ever, Papa & Barkley produces its balms from plants that were always meant to be medicine, not industrial runoff like some gas station creams. Their THC-rich options give you the full spectrum of the entourage effect, where many believe the most healing happens. All the different salves in the line are made from all-natural ingredients grown on American farms, a blend of beeswax, and several healing essential oils. In addition to pot, the other extracts in the blend include eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lavender plants. 

Alien Labs Disposable Pens 

Photo Courtesy of Alien Labs

Give mom the gift of clout. Alien Labs produces some of the most coveted pot in the state and is hyper-selective about who is allowed to run the limited material available into hash. One of the founders was actually a BHO judge for The Emerald Cup last year with me, so judging the world championships should give you some context into how much they love their concentrates. While mom might not be mentally prepared to dive into the world of rosin collabs quite yet, the disposable vape pens coming from Alien Labs and their extraction partners are just the training wheels she needs. With proper practice, she’ll be clearing whole diamonds out of a Mothership Exosphere in no time!

Newell’s Botanicals Deep Skin and Soak

Photo Courtesy of Newell’s Botanicals

Newell’s Botanicals is basically the Runtz of topicals. When you can get your hands on them you should and we just got word of a fresh drop at LAX Compassionate Care. Why all the hype? Deep Skin has won the Emerald Cup three times. Like all great championship pot topicals, it was originally developed for someone’s grandma. The Deep Soak ended up being what took the crown from the original Deep Skin this year. So whether mom is looking to apply to a local area or just soak her aches away, the team at Newell’s is producing some of the best products available. A big part of the pedigree comes from the regenerative farming practices they use to cultivate many other ingredients in addition to cannabis themselves. 


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